Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer is here

When I first planned to grow broad beans, D snugged his nose and told me I would be eating them all on my own. His memory of broad beans like many were of school dinners where they would come straight out of a tin and tasted quite vile. But when he tasted one of our home grown beans, straight out of the furry pod, his eyebrows raised. I think he like.

Since then I have been cooking them in various guises, including spring risotto with baby carrots, broad bean pilau and even broad bean cakes. He was truly converted.

This year I have grown Super Aquadulce, they are a little bitter, but still good.
I can hardly call this a recipe, its just boiled potatoes, with broad beans, some raw (the smaller ones) and some blanched (those the size of a thumbnail) for a couple of minutes to reduce the bitterness, seasoned with salt and pepper and shredded fresh mint.

Truly feels like summer is here.


  1. I love these beans and this recipe looks delicious!


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