Saturday, 27 June 2009

Some tasters from the Royal Highland Show

What a lovely day. The rain stayed away while we were at Ingliston, near Edinburgh for the Royal Highland Show. Although I enjoyed myself, it was much of a muchness from last years experience, all the usual stores were there, including the supermarkets!

I was quite selective with my purchases this time. I came home with some chocolate (see below), two bottles of fizz: Pink Ginger and Dandelion and Burdock; and Mrs Bridges chilli jam, beetroot and orange chutney and banoffee curd. Unfortunately they did not have any blueberry curd. However, the nice man at the stall noting my disappointment, did inform me that you could purchase these via the web. This made me smile, as I thought they had discontinued it.
I did sample a lot of Scottish specialities, including cheeses (Stathdon Blue now being one of my favourites), oat biscuits, shortbread, handcooked crisps, strawberries, ice-creams and preserves. I did not take many pictures as I had hoped, it's quite hard in a busy and pushy environment.
Plenty of candy! fudge, macaroons and liquorice in many artificial flavours.
These coulis were quite tasty, I tried the mango one, it was thick and rich. It was served with GG vanilla ice-cream which I especially liked, made from black and white Holstein Friesian cows. I must try and track some down in my area.
A food demonstration in the Food Hall. I spotted the Scottish famous chef Nick Nairn.
These are organic hand crafted chocolates made by The Chocolate Tree.
These were especially pretty. Like decorative tiles. I bought a couple of bars.
A popular Chocolate Fondue Fountain nearby. Part of the joy of fondues are having to dip your own fruit under the fountain, here though it was done for you. Not my kind of thing, but its pretty to look at.


  1. Brilliant photos. Fairs like this are just brilliant, it sounds as though you really enjoyed it. The chocolates look amazing and I am completely intrigued by the beetroot and orange chutney, so would love to know what that tastes like, and what it goes well with?

  2. Thank you.

    I've had the beetroot and orange chutney before, I make these vegetarian pies (they look like pork pies, but are not) and the chutney compliments it well. I can't remember what it tastes like top of my head right now, but will let you know once I've opened the jar.

    I think it was initially made to accompany meat dishes, not necessarily vegetarian ones, but hey ho.

  3. Michele,
    All hustle and bustle. I may decide to take a break from it next year, as i did really find it much of a muchness, and a little disappointed that it had been taken over by the supermarkets.


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