Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby

This is the biggest strawberry I’ve ever grown – A real beauty
Ida the West African woman who has a plot opposite mine, gave me a bunch of ‘rape’ this afternoon in exchange for some lemon balm.
This is what ‘rape’ looks like, its quite tough and fibrous.

I previously blogged that my mother wanted me to acquire some seeds from Ida, to which Ida kindly obliged. My mothers seeds are growing along nicely. I think my mother is going to be making saag with it, but my skills and patience does not extend that far in the kitchen. I simply steamed the leaves, and then added it to olive oil and garlic for a few minutes until it was well covered with the garlicky juices.
We ate the greens alongside boiled maris bard potatoes and a ready made vegetable country pie, one our work standbys, when neither of us has the energy to cook after a long day at work.


  1. ahh! that is the biggest strawberry!! I bet it was delicious :-) I have trouble growing strawberries here because we have so many slugs that eat them. Do you have slugs there?


  2. : O Am just amazed at the strawberry. I would love to know what variety it was, and whether you fed it anything in particular! And was there a lot of rain in the week preceding the harvest?

    The rape is interesting - is it a kind of spinach (just thinking of the saag reference)?

  3. Leah,
    You should try growing them in pots. I have major problems with slugs here, especially around my brassicas. I have tried various ways to rid of them - all organic!

    Hello reapwhatyougrow,
    I have no idea what variety the strawberries are, they were already on the plot when I inherited it. I have not fed them anything, so far its all natural plus rainwater.

    Yes, the 'rape' greens are interesting, I think it is some kind of spinach, but it takes a bit more time to break down in the cooking process. I have no idea what other name it would go under, maybe 'raap'.

  4. Here it is called broccoli rabe or rapini--very common in Italian cooking.

  5. Michele,
    Thank you so much for shedding light on this leafy veg. If Ida gives me some more, I will have to look at some of my Italian cookbooks for a recipe.


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