Sunday, 14 June 2009

Pyramids in my plot

A long day at the allotment today, so much is starting to grow, the strawberries are in that in-between colour from green to yellow-red and the broad beans are filling up, unfortunately I don't have pictures of them.
But I do of my first lot neckar tomatoes, a good few weeks away from being edible.
Blackcurrants are starting to ripen too. D covered one of the blackcurrant plants with netting, it looks rather hideous, but it has to be done, other wise the hungry birds will gorge on them. I peeked under the gooseberry bush netting too, the 'goosegogs' are fattening up, but I am waiting to hear from my fellow blog growers of when theirs are ready to pick, as those of us in the North, especially in Scotland are probably about two weeks behind.
These pretty red flowers are hestia buds, a dwarf green bean plant which should really be planted in pots. In my eagerness to plant out climbing green beans, I later realised that I had planted the dwarf beans out in error. Now it's going to be a mix and match frame, but they will still be green beans.
These are fennel, finally happy to be in the ground. Aren't the leaves beautiful, like peacock feathers but vibrant green.
This is the carrot box, doing just as well as the carrot plastic tub. The only thing looking sorry for itself are the marigolds, they seem to be twiggy.
This is the courgettes and squashes bed. The green netting behind covers some of my brassica plants: sprouting broccoli in this case and under the yellow netting is the blackcurrant plant I mentioned earlier.
I had some perspex pyramids recycled from somewhere or other, I decided to put it in good use and cover the squash family so to retain some warmth. I don't know if it will work or even if its necessary, but it looks good and has been amusing some of the other plot holders.


  1. All of your veggies seem to be at about the same stage as mine. Everything is just coming along nicely!

  2. oh that's good to hear, but I bet your already harvesting strawberries?!.

  3. It all looks lovely, especially the carrots!

  4. Michele,
    Thank you. The ferns of the carrots look good, I do hope the carrots look good when I harvest them too!


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