Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It’s not easy being green

A different kind of green that is, Plot 11 is more au naturale and mish mash, unlike the uniform beds and inviting paving slabs at Plot 45, and this is what happens to us when we go away on holiday or when family come up, the grass just grows and grows and grows and it’s too tough to cut even with a grass cutter. Err where’s the pond?
So after saying bye to the in-laws, working the early shift and watering the plants at Plot 45, D and I got to work on Plot 11 this afternoon.

I was pretty much crawling on my knees most of the afternoon, with the shears cutting the tough stem greens. To make this a pleasant experience, now and again I would share a joke or two with Fitzy our charming allotment neighbour at Plot 10, who is slowly moving over to a new plot. We also spoke about how hard it was to maintain two plots, especially the plots on this side as they were usually waterlogged. Fitzy will definitely be giving up his plot in September though, unlike us with Plot 11. D is too attached to it that he resents the idea of giving it up at present, but I am sure the time will come, when we will only be able to manage one, but until then the work of two plots it is. The grass cutting was a long, arduous and tedious job, but it had to be done in order to bring the plot back up to scratch. I also don’t want to give the so called committee any excuse to moan at me either, as they are hell bent on evicting ‘people who don’t share their thinking’, at present they are targeting a Goth couple, they say its to do with low maintenance of their plot, but truthfully and everyone here knows it, the secretary has had a clash with one of the occupants.

Anyway, back to my workload, whilst shearing the tall strands of grass, I came across a couple of drowsy bees, falling over like little drunkards, some had even buried themselves into the ground, buzzing very loudly to warn me not to come any closer.
In between D mowing and me shearing, we also got some weeding done in some of the beds including the broad bean bed above.
You need to stay on top of cutting the grass, otherwise you double the workload and the frustrations that come with it - but its all worth it in the end!
I am whacked, that’s us for the day, the rest will have to be done this weekend.


  1. I am amazed at how fast the grass grows there.

    Allotment politics!

  2. Yeah sometimes it feels never ending, its all that rain and then sun, then rain and then sun...

    Allotment politics are part of having an allotment, you want to stay out of it but it pulls you in, a bit like office politics, sometimes its hard to avoid.


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