Friday, 5 June 2009

Flowering fruit and flowering vegetables

We took Ds parents over to the allotment for a little while. Most of the loopy lupins have bloomed. Some of the tomatoes in the greenhouse are beginning to flower, so are the peas and even some of the potatoes. The fennel is standing upright and seems happy with its recent transplanting and the climbing beans are starting to climb up the frame.

I have never seen so many bees on one lavender plant before, and I was even more delighted it was my two tone lavender plant. It is all looking good at Plot 45. Unlike Plot 11, Oh my goodness, you would not think it had the grass cut recently. It is so overgrown and looks really, really unkempt. I am embarrassed of it. So embarrassed that I could not bare to take a photo of it. It looks like we don’t care about this plot, and we do. The grass cutting will have to wait until next weekend, as we have commitments with family this week, but it is going to need more than the grass cut, it needs a serious makeover. I know whose going to be on her knees next week.

But it’s not all bad, the broad beans at plot 11 are flowering well, there was sign of some baby pods
and the raspberries, well look at them
But the Brassicas: mainly cabbages have been ravaged once again by the slugs. My fault really, normally I cover them with recycled bottle cloches, until they are strong, but D has nicked all my bottles for building the wigwam canes, that the poor little Brassica plants have been left exposed and had to fend for themselves, only to be defeated by the mighty fat slug. There is hardly any sign of the plant except for its veins. They will have to be dug up too. Fortunately, I do have some more Brassica plants that take their place, but I am going to wait until they have grown up a little more, as I do not want them to share the same fate as their older siblings.
One thing good about plot 11 today, it showcased one of the best roses I have seen in a while. You can’t complain about that now, can you?


  1. I love roses and have quite a few plants. I am especially interested in the vintage or antique roses.

  2. Do you know what kind of rose this is? it was already on Plot 11 when we inheritied it. I think it's really beautiful.

  3. I don't as there are SO many different varieties and I have just recently started reading about all the different roses. One of my favorite books is "In Search of Lost Roses" by Thomas Christopher. It's a fantastic read.

  4. Michele,

    Thank you. If you stumble across what kind of rose it is, I would love to know.


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