Saturday, 20 June 2009

First Harvest of 2009

Here is my first official harvest of the 2009.
From left: sage and mint leaves; lollo rosso salad leaves; strawberries and raspberries; one sad looking purple top Milan turnip; maris bard new potatoes; broad beans, and at the back: a bag full of turnip leaves.
D tending to his tomatoes in the greenhouse. While I sowed some more seeds. We spent about 4 hours at the plot, even though the plan was to spend an hour or so.
These are my alliums, I think I said early in the week that I had snipped off their heads as they were beginning to bolt.
However, I am allowing these leeks from last year, to go to seed for the wildlife. Plus they're quite pretty to the eye.


  1. A fantastic harvest, Mango, and such a lovely photo of your crop. Bet it tasted good too.

  2. well done, you have the posh basket and everything!

  3. Fran,


    I had turnip soup and strawberries last night, they were good, esp the strawberries. So delicious. I am having the rest this evening.

    I'm not a tree,

    Thanks. Thank you for your words.

    Yeah, it is a posh basket. I got it from Oxfam for £1.99 about a year ago, as I was walking away from the plot admiring my produce in the basket, the handle just broke. But it looks good.


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