Thursday, 4 June 2009

Elderflower champagne bottled up

I thought I better share the recipe for the elderflower champagne as the elderflowers are not going to last long. I have seen a lot starting to bronze up with the recent sunshine. If you decide to make this, please note that I cannot vouch for the outcome, as I have not been able to taste the final product yet.
Updated: May 2011 - The Elderflower Champagne recipe worked brilliantly.  It's really explosive, so I strongly recommend opening the bottle(s) outside in the garden as it will will overflow - a bit like Champagne or Cava. 
PS The rose petals ones didn't work so well.

Elderflower Champagne Recipe
12 - 20 heads of elderflower (depending on their size, some of mine were small)
900g sugar
Juice and zest of two lemons
1 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
14 litres of cold water
You will also need a sterilized bucket with tight fitting lid; and glass bottles with tops.
Dissolve the sugar in a bowl of hot water. Add the lemon juice, zest and vinegar and stir well.
Pour the contents into bucket. Pour the cold water over. Leave for three days. Strain the liquid and pour into sterilized bottles.

I managed to fill 24 x 550ml sized bottles, and only because I had some, I added a few rose petals to a couple of bottles before putting the tops on.
After two weeks the liquid should be sparkling and ready to drink.

We had about a glassful left over and drank it neat, very reminisce of the sweet and golden Muscat wine. I am optimistic the bottled product will be delightful, but I will share more in two weeks time.


  1. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michele,
    Don't thank me yet, I don't know how it going to taste. Pretty good I hope.

  3. I have seen loads of bees this year, and I've made a special effort to encourage them to my veg plot as well. Your broad bean flowers are slightly pink, do you grow the crimson broad beans as well?

  4. Hello Matron,
    It is a honour to have you over.

    We should all do more to encourage bees whether or not we have a garden, even a small pot of herbs or lavender is a start.

    Your right about my broad beans, the flowers are a little pink. I planted two varieties: masterpiece green longpod, which I have grown before and they were not pink, and a handful of super aquadulce, perhaps they are displaying pink flowers. I don't recall them being crimson broad beans, but I may be wrong. It doesnt say so on the empty packet either.


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