Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Can't wait to start eating my own

and I think this weekend maybe the start.

These blackcurrants are teasing me.
As usual after work, I went over to the allotment to feed and water the plant, no need to water anything outside its been raining all -day, thank goodness. The strawberries are starting to redden beautifully, I have covered them with netting. I don't want the birds getting to them before me. There were even some ripening raspberries. The allium family are all beginning to bulge, I had to cut off the some of the leafy greens, as some of the plants were starting to bolt.

The lettuces in their many varieties are starting to look leafy and crisp. Some are ready for picking I think, but I will give it a few more days to bulk up even more.

Most of the potato plants at Plot 45 are starting to flower also, D suggested to start lifting the potatoes this week, as we have so many to through but I am not too sure.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are looking really good too, some of the tigerella's are beginning to fruit.


  1. Blackcurrents - wow! Ive never even thought about growing black currents.
    I planted a raspberry bush in a pot about a year ago. Im looking forward to later in the year, when hopefully it will start fruiting :) Do you have any tips for growing raspberries?


  2. Hi Rose,
    Before I got my allotment plot, I had attempted to grow raspberries in a pot, and sadly it didn't work out, I only managed to harvest a handful. Two years later I stuck it into the ground at the allotment, in the plot that is boggy and it is now thriving. The only two things I have done to encourage growth are to throw some epsom salt around the root of the plant before its starts fruiting and once the berries start growing, I begin to feed it with a tomato feed.

    I hope your raspberry plant rewards you delicious berries!

  3. I love blackcurrants though there are very difficult to find here.

  4. In the supermarkets here, we occasionally get red currants, but I don't think I have ever seen fresh blackcurrants.


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