Thursday, 18 June 2009

Asparagus Risotto

Asparagus is in its final days, so I will be making the most of it in the next couple of days. I have just enjoyed a plate of simple 'asparagus risotto' drizzled with olive oil.
Right now I am also listening to the BBC national news in relation to climate change and how it is affecting the U.K, particularly Devon in England. Apparently we will be seeing more of banana and olive trees growing in peoples gardens, this may sound really lovely and even appealing, all that warm weather, but it is not good. This also means that there will be a decline of some of the traditional British crops and an increase in extreme weather conditions causing landslides and flooding. It sounds all rather depressing really.


  1. I passed a sign at a farm shop today saying 'Asparagus -last few days'. I might have to gorge myself between now and Sunday. Risotto has to be on the list. I have a secret stash of some I preserved in oil as an experiment - I'll report when I try it.

  2. Hello goodshoeday,
    I have been telling my husband that he must gorge and enjoy the asparagus in season right now, as I really do not want to buying asparagus later in the year from places like Peru.

    I look forward to hearing about your asparagus experiment, it does sound. Fingers crossed it turns out well. If not, you could blitz it in a blender and make asparagus spread for good bread.

  3. Recipes seem to be a familiar item on blogs from people who grow their own veggies! Of course, people who grow their own food just love to eat it!

  4. It doesn't matter whehter you followed a recipe or just cooked it simly, there is nothing better than growing and eating your own. And we are fortunate to be in a position to do so. I am really grateful of having that opportunity.

  5. Looks amazing! I'm not sure when asparagus season is here as it's not something I buy very often. I'll have to look into it.

  6. It was really filling.

    I am not a big asparagus fan really, but D is. Hence the reason it has been featuring on the blog. It's not to everyones taste.


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