Sunday, 22 March 2009

Weekend allotmenteering

Another day at the allotment. You might have guessed it by now, that I am a weekend allotmenteer, as I am working full time, but whenever I do go to my plot, I do thoroughly enjoy it, especially now with the weather changing. Saying that, it was not as nice today as it was yesterday when the sun was blazing warm, but work had to be done. So I put on some layers and went down to the allotment.
Bees Welcome. Last year a lot of bees were entering a small cranny on the side of my tool shed. The bees would literally fly by an inch of my face to make way to this temporary home of theirs. Bees are relatively harmless. They only bother you if you bother them. I decided to name the tool hut beehive hut. Hopefully, I will get some visitors, they can be quite entertaining to watch. I saw another fuzzy bee today, it was hovering as if it were either drunk or sleepy headed. Either way I was both amused and excited to see bees again. I do need to learn the different varieties of bees that are out there. I can't just keep calling them bumble bees. Like humanity, there is also diversity amongst bees.
These baby daffodils are on the outside of my greenhouse, very welcoming.
These are the daffodils I wanted to show off on St Davids day early this month, but they had not opened their heads. Here they are now, in all their yellow glory.
Finally the potato seeds are in. D chose Maris Bard (First Early); Orla (Second Early); Desiree; and King Edward(Maincrop).
Tidy potato rows. Now lets take a peek at what's happening in the greenhouse.
These are broad bean seedlings. Sorry this is not a great picture, but there is a reason. Honest. In the past the mice have stolen my legume seeds, so this time I am well prepared and grow legumes under netting until they are about an inch or so high.
Leeks starting to emerge from the soil.
Cabbage Hispi coming up, they look almost like baby four leaf clovers. Ah.
Purple Top milan Turnips growing strong.
Trays of other seeds still to spurt into action.

For snacks this evening, we are finishing off the rest of the sweet potato coins aka falafels from yesterday. These will again be eaten in pitta bread with the last of my oriental winter salad from the greenhouse. See yesterdays blog for image.

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