Monday, 30 March 2009

Plot 45 Crop Rotation Plan 2009

I've finally decided what goes where for this year. Below is a copy of my Plot Rotation plan.

Attached to it is also D's plot Rotation Plan. He had decided to work on half of it, as the other side is just too boggy to grow crops in. Saying that he has been thinking about having a mini orchard on the boggy side, and growing veg that require low maintenance such as brassicas and potatoes on the other.

I have been trying to convince him to give up Plot 11 and we can just focus on Plot 45 together. But after yesterdays hard digging, weeding and bringing it back up to scratch, he's become so enthused about plot 11 again, that feels he has the energy to work on it further. I am not completely convinced, but will see how it goes. One thing that we have agreed on is to move his mangled greenhouse over to my plot, away from those stone throwing kids.

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