Sunday, 2 September 2018

Red Gooseberry Cake

So how is your weekend going?!  I have had a good weekend.  Yesterday, I had some friends come over. I know some of you are saying so what, we have mates over all the time, well not me.  You see I live out in the digs in the Welsh valleys and not many of my friends want to come over as its out of their way.  So I was delighted when some friends and to show my appreciation I was keen to cook for them.  

D and me rarely sit out in the garden to eat, so it was doubly enjoyable that I was able to sit outside with friends and eat cake.  Added bonus, the new neighbours with the non stop barking dogs and lots of grandchildren was out, so were (and the other neighbours) were able to enjoy the quiet for a few good hours.  

Okay onto my recipe today was not something  made at the weekend, in fact I made this red gooseberry cake a couple of months ago when red gooseberries were in season, but as you know life gets in the way, that food blogging now and again has to take the backseat.  

The red gooseberry cake does look a bit flat - my fault, I used a larger cake tin as I couldn't place my hands on an eight inch round cake tin, but regardless of it looking like a flat pancake with red spots.  It was  good to eat.  The red gooseberries burst and sunk into the batter and were proper sharp on eating.  
Follow here for the recipe - replace the plums with red gooseberries and omit the cinnamon. 


  1. I did not even know red gooseberries existed! When I was a kid, gooseberries were something you could find in the supermarkets, but I haven't seen them (the green ones, let alone the red ones!) for sale for years. Did you grow them?

    1. I discovered them when I lived in Scotland, and at an greengrocers too. Yes I grew these, a small harvest though as the birds got to most of them.

  2. Those little fruits are so pretty; they look like jewels!

    1. Thank you so much. Very sharp to eat though.


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