Friday, 8 August 2014

Cacao Nibs, Raw Chocolate and Cocoa Muesli

What a delicious way to have a breakfast cereal with chocolate.

This is basically a muesli base enhanced with organic cacao nibs, cocoa powder and grated raw dark chocolate.  Yum, yum yum.  I got the organic cacao nibs from Suma Wholefoods.  Cacao nibs  are roasted and shelled cocoa beans and can be ground and added to cakes and puddings. 
I have to admit cacao nibs are not to everyones taste, its very distinct in flavour - a tad bitter, but before dismissing it all together, give it a try, you just never know.  I have only recently acquired a taste for cacao nibs since having a go at making some raw chocolate a few months back and its been making an appearance in my kitchen slowly but surely. 

I was experimenting in the kitchen with the ingredients and quantities; and seem to have misplaced the piece of scrap paper with the actual quantities of the ingredient, as I was altering it and kept changing it to taste, but from what I remember this is it, but feel free to adapt and make it your own. This recipe can also easily be gluten free if you substitute regular rolled oats for gluten free ones. 
Cacao Nibs, Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Muesli
Servings 8 - 12 depending on portion size
200g (gluten free) rolled oats
100g wholegrain organic (rice) puffs
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
50g organic cacao nibs from Suma Wholefoods, bashed a little otherwise you may find them too gritty
50g raw chocolate or dark chocolate, grated
Stir all the ingredients together until all the ingredient are coated in the cocoa powder, then carefully transfer into an airtight glass jar or tub with a fitted lid.
Serve with milk or milk alternative. 
Integrity statement  As a member of the Suma Wholefood Bloggers Network, I will receive a selection of complimentary products from Suma Wholefoodsevery two months, to use in recipe development and will blog original recipes for the Network


  1. Yummy! I put cacao powder in my muesli mix rather than nibs. I used to add cocoa powder but switched to cacao on the recommendation of a friend. As I eat this every day, it might be a bit luxuriant to add both! Will have to keep this recipe for weekend treats.

    1. Thanks Lou. Cacao powder on my list next time to replace the cocoa powder. Your right, it would be a luxuriant to add both, esp if you eat it every day.

  2. I made it & loved it too! I am already a big fan of unsweetened cacao nibs so,...:)


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