Monday, 14 January 2013

Burg Aloo Chaat Masala (Burger)

I created this Aloo (Potato) Chaat Masala Burger last week when I had a load of mashed of potatoes left over from a Bubble and Squeak cakes.  Rather than waste them, I incorporated them into two dishes.  The first was a 'White Bean, Leek and Potato Soup'; and the second this - Burg Aloo Chaat Masala (Burgers).  They proved to be quite popular. 

Although my mother didn't get to try one, she said that the flavour combo appealed to her.  Its the chaat masala that appealed to her senses.  I don't know anyone who makes there own Chaat masala, most South Asian families buy it ready made.  Its basically a zingy, sour and spicy versatile all-purpose seasoning that enhances fruits, salads, vegetables and  potato based snacks, which is how I tend to use it - to perk up crisps, chips and even popcorn - yes Chaat Masala popcorn, ones of my Friday night snacks.  

For those of you new to Chaat Masala the ingredients that make it so, include asofoetida, bay leaves, black pepper, caraway seeds, cardamon, cinnamon, cumin seeds, ginger, mango powder, red chilli, star anise and salt.

I am sharing this with The No Waste Food Challenge. This challenge was created by Kate from Turquoise Lemons, inspired by the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign. This month it is being hosted by Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Kitchen. The ingredient of the month is mashed potatoes.
Burg Aloo Chaat Masala Burgers
Makes 6 - 8 large burgers
100g whole Quinoa
175ml water
200g mashed potatoes, cold
I medium onion, grated
100g chickpea flour, plus extra for coating
2 teaspoons  ready made chaat masala powder
1 teaspoon freshly minced coriander (optional)
1 teaspoon garam masala
pinch of salt
Vegetable oil to shallow fry
Rinse the Quinoa in a sieve with cold water.  Boil in 175ml water for 10 minutes covered with a lid.  Remove the saucepan from the heat and leave on the side to cool down. 
In a large bowl, add the grated onion and mashed potatoes, stir in the flour, coriander if using, chaat and garam masala and salt.
When the Quinoa has cooled down add to the bowl.  Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.  Leave the mixture to firm up for a while.  When ready to eat, divide mixture into 6 - 8 burger shapes.  Coat in a little dry chickpea flour and fry in a hot frying pan with oil and press them gently whilst cooking.  Cook for about 4 minutes on each side until golden and crisp.


  1. These sound superb Shaheen - love quinoa, love spices and love mashed potato, so these are a real winner for me.

  2. Your photos are great. I will look for the Chat masala. We have a great spice guy in Halifax..must check if he has it. Really surprised to see caraway in there.

    How do you make such perfect burgers? Beautiful.

    1. Thank you soooooo much Gardening Bren,
      Years of practice making the burgers, well months really :) Hope your Spicy Guy can supply you with Chaat Masala, its handy in the kitchen to perk lots of dishes.

    2. The Spiceman had it and bought some. Not as many spices as your version which I would think, would make it more robust. Mine has only black salt, amchoor, cumin, ginger and asafoetia. Will add the rest, in small amounts, as I think your version sounds better. Thanks Shaheen.

  3. Mmmm...these look lovely.

    Sue xx

  4. Sounds great - we have leftover quinoa that I will need to use soon - and I often make potato scones with quinoa these days so I can imagine these are great

    1. Your potato scones have got me thinking, interesting.

  5. Except for the Quinoa - your aloo chaat burgers are not very different from the spicy shami burgers we had growing up. It's a kind of street food with either shami kababs or aloo ones. Your post just brought that memory back. Yum!

    1. Thanks Needful things, so good to hear from you. Its been a while x I am pleased this recipe brought back some memories for you.

  6. That sounds absolutely fabulous! I love the sound of that combination of spices - I will have to have a go at making my own. Yum yum! Thank you for entering it in the No Waste Food Challenge! :)

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I am so pleased to be part of this new challenge, hope to participate in many more, plus hope its a success too.

  7. This is a fantastic recipe that I for sure will try. I make my own chat masala and it tastes much better than store bought varieties in my opinion. If you are interested, you can find the recipe I use on my blog.

    1. Thank you Lisa,
      I do hope you get to make it, if you do - let me know and I will link this page to your recipe.

      Thanks for your chaat masala recipe I will check it out for sure, need to ask my mother for her recipe too - I agree it would be much tastier than the shop bought, but sometimes we all get lazy - take care.


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