Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Vegetarian Haggis Roti for Burns Night

The haggis roti also known as chapatti that I will be making later tonight will not fare well for photos so you will just have to take my word for it and wait for me to blog post about it next time. It is simply a wheat flour roti stuffed with homemade spicy vegan haggis and then cooked over a tava, a South Asian disc shaped griddle and then coated in a little butter for moisture.  As a way to use up pulses and pinhead oatmeal in my flat, I've made my own vegan haggis, but you can also purchase vegetarian haggis at some supermarkets, though they cost a fare bit these days.

As I am unable to showcase my vegetarian haggis roti at this present time, I thought I would share a link to some other roti recipes on my blog.  But imagine a veggie meaty spicy stuffed pizza. Mmmmm is right. 

There is something called Katlama in Pakistani cuisine:  a flatbread stuffed with keema (spicy minced lamb) cooked on both sides and then coated in full fat butter.  I used to indulge in katlama also known as Desi Pizza in my early teens.  My father would bring it back from his trip to Birmingham.  It was the one time we would be treated to eat something that my mother had not cooked.  So this idea of stuffing haggis (or meat) into a roti is not completely original.   
Stuffed Haggis Mushroom with Curried Neep Chips

I know its a bit late, but if your still wondering what to do tonight, I also have some ideas for a fusion Burns Night cuisine - Just check out the link.


  1. Can't wait to see your vegan haggis.
    I think I will join the feast next year!

    1. Thanks.
      I do have a vegan haggis recipe already if you want to try.

  2. I love your fusion Burns Supper ideas! Haggis roti sounds splendid and the curried Neep chips are a winner anyway :)
    Hope you enjoyed Burns day with your lovely family :)


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