Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hash Brown Waffles

As we do most weekends we went out for a stroll early this morning.

We went back to West End after I learned there were some more artworks near the Kelvinbridge. When we got there, unlike the panoramic patchwork mural near Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow University that depicted various modes of transport, these were namely of characters. There were not that many either. In fact there were only three, showing 'ethnic' and culturally diverse characters. One of the other photographs shows some black beetles, these were part of the detail on one of the artworks.

Can you see the paint roller on the right hand side? Its actually part of the artwork that paints over this particular characters face. I don't know what you see, but I see an old man with a tear in his eye.

We were chased back home pretty quickly as the rain and brash wind was being pretty heavy handed with us. When we got back home, I made some potato hash brown waffles for brunch. Some of you may have noted that I have been eating versions of hash browns a lot. a little while ago it was Beetroot hash browns and another time Brussels sprouts hash browns. Well these were traditional in the sense that they were made with potatoes, but maybe not for the use of the waffle iron. These Hash Brown Waffles were truly scrummy. A nice change from potato chips for lunch. I especially liked the crispy browned up bits from the pressed waffle marking. The only part of making this recipe that was a little frustrating was trying to get waffles off the waffle iron onto the serving plate, they were sticking a little. It appears that I did not oil the waffle iron enough.
Hash Brown (Potato) Waffles
Serves 2 - 3
2 tablespoons olive oil plus extra for coating waffle iron.
1 medium onion, finely sliced and chopped
500g potatoes, peeled and grated
Handful of fresh parsley, minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Preheat the waffle iron. Generously coat the iron with some oil.
In a large frying pan, heat the oil. Add the onion and saute until soft and translucent. Stir int he potatoes, parsley and season to taste. Cook until the potatoes are partially cooked.
Transfer the potato mixture onto the hot waffle iron. Close the lid of the waffle iron and cook for 10 - 12 minutes, or until browned. Adapted from Food For the Spirit.


  1. I haven't made waffles for a while and so far have only made apple ones. These look really good and I've been checking out some of your other ones, like the cranberry and pecan.. will definitely be giving those a go!

  2. Oh yes lovely, I made potato waffles with my iron and they were good but not quite right so I may give your recipe a go next time.

  3. That is some incredible artwork! Plus I never thought of putting potatoes in the waffle iron.

  4. Hi mangocheeks
    Those waffles look delicious - real cold weather food, do you ever do cheesy waffles?
    Wet and windy down here too

  5. Cabbage Tree Farm.
    I haven't made apple waffles so Thanks for planting that idea in my head.
    I do recommend the cranberry and pecan.

    Thanks Ana Powell.

    Thanks Kath.
    The potatoes waffles were a litle fiddly in the waffle iron, but oh so good. I hope they turn out good for you if you make them.

    Thanks Jane.
    The artwork is incredible! Its a shame the walls is beginning to crumble.

    Thanks Jane aka Chicken lover.
    I haven't made cheesy waffles, but these potato ones can be served with some grated cheese. Sorry to read that it is wet and windy where you are. I guess its a break from the snow, which I may return.

  6. mmm, waffle potatoes, that is a great idea. i'm going through a potato addiction phase at the moment and that just looks...spectacular. very very cool mural too, thanks for sharing.

  7. Hmm, I don't have a waffle iron, but I do have a sandwich press. I love hash browns, I will give these a try.

    I know I saw this all the time MC, but your recipes are just fabulously inspiring.

  8. Emily,
    I go through eating potato stages too. I find it great comfort food, especially deep fried: yeph chips!

    So pleased to read that you liked the murals too. It makes me happy when I post things on my blog other than sustenance and get comments on them. Thank you.

  9. Ali.
    It did cross my mind about fellow readers who may not have a waffle iron. I think these woudl work in a frying pan too, just the flipping over may be bit of an issue - as both sides need to be crisy. I think it will work well in your sandwich press. Let me know if you try it and how it works out.

    Also I have to say Thanks. It always makes me smile when you tell me my recipes are inspiring, so keep the compliments coming. Just kidding. I appreciate your support and you comments are always read with a big smile.
    Kind wishes.

  10. Some of the street art that is out there is pretty amazing. There is a wall near our place that regularly changes. Pictures that make you just stop and take it all in for a few minutes. Lots of talent.
    I don't have a waffle iron, but these look good!

  11. cityhippyfarmgirl.
    I agree abotu the street art. I like the ones that make you think. I'm a fan of Banksy work. Have you heard of or seen his work?

    It did cross my mind about fellow readers who may not have a waffle iron. I think these would work in a frying pan too, just the flipping over may be bit of an issue, but you can cut them in quarters and flip them over as both sides need to be crisy.

  12. I love the grafftti shots - Iused to live in Valencia, Spain, and the graffitti there was amazing, in fact i may have to post my photos of it on my blog!

    Those potato waffles look soo good! I too am a fan of crispy potato bits...if only I had a waffle maker!

  13. These look delicious! I wish I had a waffle iron :(, I do feel I'm missing out on waffles sometimes.

    I love the art, I love walking around and discovering things in my own town I don't usually see.

  14. Thanks Sooz.
    You must post them on your blog. I'd love to see the artwork.

    The waffle iron was on my wish list for years. You will get one one-day.

    Thank you Emma.
    The waffle iron was on my wish list for many years and i did a bit of research before finally getting one. You'll get one one-day I am sure of it.

  15. These hash brown waffles look like more candidates for the "add a little chilli" treatment you describe in your leek soup post. How about topping them with a fried egg??

  16. Mar.
    I so agre, but as it was my first time making them from scratch. I wanted to give them the plain treatment. It will please you to note that these were served with beans a fried egg.

  17. I came to you via The Last Biscuit. My elder daughter has just started at Glasgow university and I spent some time looking through your posts on the city. Although I live in Bristol I have family and friends in Edinburgh and know it fairly well. Glasgow's new but I'm really enjoying the opportunity to explore its delights.

  18. What a great idea for my waffle iron. I hardly ever use it. Graham has been scornfull of my attempts so far, I think he is too used to the ones from the supermarket which are overloaded with sugar. I think he would like these :)

  19. Jacqueline,
    I remembered the frozen potato waffles from my childhood and did think these were a much more healthier and tastier version. Hope you win Graham over with some home made waffles.

  20. So lovely to make your acquaintance Just Gai.
    Your daughter will love Glasgow Uni. I have many fond memories of it.

    I've been to Bristol a couple of times. My last visit was at the Commonwealth Musueum. I've also been watching 'Being Human' which is filmed in and around Bristol and noted that Bristol has a lot of culturally diverse artwork. Do you know where they specifically are? as the next time I visit family in Wales, I'd like to get the train to Bristol to see them in person. Kind wishes to you and Thank you for coming by.

  21. Hello again Mangocheeks. The Commonwealth Museum is now closed but we're awaiting the opening of a new Bristol Museum later in the year. As for artwork, there are examples of it all over the place, but particularly in St Werburghs, Easton/Eastville, Stokes Croft and Totterdown. Maybe I should dedicate a post to it.

  22. It had never occurred to me that I could make hash browns or bubble & squeak cakes in my waffle maker - what a great idea! My machine does 5 heart shapes, so I think they would be rather cute.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  23. Just Gai,
    Oh I am sorry to read that the Commonwealth Museum has not closed.

    Thanks for letting me know about the locations of the artwork, i had to chuckle to myself. I don't know those places at all, but i guess i would find them if I wanted to. Please, please you must do a blog post. You have one person here who would really love to see them.

    Also I would like to say a big Thank you for choosing to become a follower of my blog. I really am delighted. Thank you.

    Now you've planted buble and squeak in my head. You must let me know how that turns out, because I may give them a go too.

    I did have a heart shaped waffle machine once upon a time, but I very rarely used it that time, so passed it onto a family member. I agree the hert shaped ones are far mroe prettier and cute.

  24. I think it was your mention of Brussel Sprout Hash Browns that made me think of Bubble & Squeak as they are a sort of B & S by a different name. I saw Nigel Slater make B & S Patties using a mix of cold sprouts and cold roast parsnips with a cheesy filling recently and am about to try it out tonight, though probably not in the waffle maker!
    (Please call me) hopeeternal

  25. Thanks hopeeternal.
    I've made Bubble and squash cakes aka patties on my blog too.
    This was in my early blogging days. I did see Nigel Slaters version too.
    Kind wishes.

  26. What a great idea! I have been wanting a waffle iron so now I have another reason to get one.

  27. I stumbled upon this site today ... and I thought of you!

    Feast your eyes!

  28. Thank you so much just Gai.
    I am off to check it out now :D
    Have a lovely weeekend.

  29. Wow, so many there. I like the Montpellier under OTHER.

    Def. need to check some out one-day.

  30. These are JUST what I want right now but am too lazy to get up and make. Wonder if I can convince my boyfriend to make them ;P

  31. Thank you Sasa.
    Nice to make your acquaintance too.

  32. I am in a salted waffles mood you waffle iron is out from the attic..I need your potatoes ones before it goes back to spider's web

  33. Thank you mamapasta :)
    I think I am too. Its a nice change from the sweet variation.

  34. Absolutely brilliant idea!! I am definitely putting this in my 'try this asap' list! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Happy Gardening!
    ~Wendy / sassyb

  35. Thank you so much for repaying the compliment Wendy.


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