Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Burrell

Today I didn't have much energy to go to the allotment, so D suggested perhaps visiting another one of the museums in Glasgow. He suggested the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park, I was okay with that. He could enjoy the Collection and I could enjoy the park. The visit would also allow me to have a nosy round and see what free wild food they had growing, especially as I was on the hunt for sloe berries, not that I was expecting to find any in such a place where people come and go, not just tourists, but other foragers. Nah for sloe berries I need to go where people don't tread often.
I saw some elderberries, but they were not in my reach and I came to the conclusion to leave them for the birds. The park was a little muddy too, it had been raining on and off all day, and neither of us were dressed for mud-sliding, so we walked over to the Burrell. I have been there twice before, once in my student days and once related to work. It's okay, I particularly like the first floor where most of the collection is situated. The wide open windows provide a beautiful backdrop of trees which transports those inside to another place and time, especially right now with the autumnal colours. At the Burrell Collection you can wander around and look at collections of medieval art, tapestries, stained glass and English oak furniture under the watchful eyes of the security guards. There are many European paintings, including works by C├ęzanne and Degas. The building also hosts collection of Islamic art and works from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and China.
This Luohan Buddha has been at the Collection since the One Million Days in China Exhibition.
This beautiful basket is made completely from beads.
These are 'Beer Drinkers' in Paris painted by Manet (I think).
This is an art painting of 'Peasant Children'. I was struck by the expressions on their faces and how old they look for children.
It would be impossible to show you all the paintings within the building, so I snapped these collages of postcards on sale in the shop.
These are to do with the Anchor Line that sailed from the Clyde in Glasgow all over the world.
These are some Black and White photo's of ordinary peoples lives in Glasgow.
After playing tourists, we did stop by the allotment and harvested some vegetables and salad leaves. The autumn sunflowers are getting a good old bashing from the high winds and rain.
The salad leaves I picked from the allotment included some burgundy and yellow beetroot leaves, this accompanied our meal this evening which was the remaining Cavolo nero potato cakes. Oh and some grated carrot, and yes, D did melt some cheese on his potato cakes this time.


  1. I'm so glad you stopped in to my blog... I had to return the kindness and I'm very pleased that I did. The beaded basket is beautiful... sounds like a lovely day! I cannot wait to try a few of your recipes, especially the Double chocolate and raspberry cakes. It is already 38 degrees far. this evening, but I'm hoping I will be able to pick enough raspberries to try this!

  2. hi, nice blog! Im also growing my own vegetables in my allotment. I only eat vegetarian food, you had some really taste recepies here.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Laura. I am so glad you like my blog.

    If you do get round to picking some raspberries and making these cakes, I hope you enjoy them. The weather is starting to change here too.

    Thank you so much kontrazt.
    I hope you enjoying trying some of the recipes on my blog. Please do come by again.

  4. Not been able to find any Sloe berries this year - very disappointing! I guess it's a bit late now, but we keep searching.

  5. Like you Gary,
    I am still searching for sloe berries. You just never know...

  6. I've only been to the Burrell Collection once and that was over 21 years ago. I would love to see it all again, it was a perfect day. We took all day to see the collection and didn't even stop for so much as a cup of tea. I'll never forget some of the paintings especially Degas ballerinas. A revisit is on my to do list, its been on my to do list for over twenty years.

  7. 21 years ago. Wow.

    If you do get a chance to revisit it, I am sure it will have changed a bit too.

    The Degas paintings are still there.


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